Our Fabrication Capabilities

MMD is a dedicated wafer foundry for MEMS, micro-sensors & specialized thin film devices. We are a pure foundry, providing MEMS and non-MEMS thin film fabrication processing for emerging to medium volume applications. Our production facility was built with you in mind. We understand that the fabrication of every MEMS device is unique. Knowing this, we have incorporated the utmost in flexibility into our production line. Along with typical silicon micro-fabrication processes, MMD has proven expertise unique to MEMS fabrication:

  • Automated processing of transparent and semi-transparent wafers
  • Precise percent composition deposition and patterning of metal and semi-metal alloys
  • Stress-balanced multi-film stacks for floating-membrane applications
  • Wet and dry release of fabricated structures
  • Bulk silicon micromachining
  • PDMS and SU-8 processing
  • Temporary and permanent bonding of flexible films
  • Wafer-to-wafer vacuum bonding with internal gettering

For a complete list of our fabrication capabilities, please click here:

MMD Fabrication Capabilities